Who founded Google?

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Google, the number one search engine online, is possibly the best known site on the Internet. This article will discover who founded Google and give six great facts you may or may not know about Google.

In January 1996, two PhD students from Stanford University named Larry Page and Sergey Brin began Google as a research project. They felt that a search engine that ranked websites by how many sites linked to them, rather than by keyword density (the amount of times a word is found on a website) would give better rankings. This gave Google an early nickname of ‘BackRub’ as backlinks determined how well a website would rank in the search engine. The domain google.com was not actually registered until September 15 1997 and the company Google Inc. incorporated on September 7, 1998. It took many years before people started realizing that Google actually produces much better search results than its rivals. Now Google is the number one search engine online and used by millions of people everyday. So now you know who founded Google and know a little about its history. Let’s have a look at six interesting facts about Google!

Fact 1: Google engineers spend 20% of there time at work developing projects that interest them. Google News, Gmail and AdSense all came from these independent projects.

Fact 2: Most of Google’s revenue is generated from its advertising program called AdWords. Google AdSense allows website owners (like us) to generate money every time an ad is clicked!

Fact 3: Google have acquired many companies, including YouTube (for $1.65 billion), DoubleClick (for $3.1 billion), Blogger (undisclosed amount) and FeedBurner ($100 million). This has helped Google to dominate the search engine market and allows Google to show their ads on a variety of popular websites.

Fact 4: Google paid MySpace US $900 million for the privilege of putting ads on this popular social network.

Fact 5: Google plans to become carbon neutral by some time in 2008

Fact 6: Google has often been named as the number one best place to work by Fortune Magazine.

There you have you it! You now know that Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google and know six cool facts about Google!

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