What is the difference between Hub, Switch, and Router?

Trainee Asked on November 2, 2019 in Internet,   Networking.
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  1. Hub is least expensive, least intelligent and least complicated of the three.
    It broadcast all data to every port which may cause serious security and reliability concern.
  2. In a Network, Hub is a common connection point for devices connected to the network. Hub contains multiple ports and is used to connect segments of LAN.


  1. Switches work similarly like Hubs but in a more efficient manner.
    It creates connections dynamically and provides information only to the requesting port.
  2. Switch is a device in a network which forwards packets in a network.


  1. The router is smartest and most complicated out of these three. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Routers are similar like little computers dedicated for routing network traffic.
  2. Routers are located at gateway and forwards data packets


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