What is Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy?

Trainee Asked on November 3, 2019 in Digital Marketing.
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CDMS – Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy is a set of steps or actions you take to achieve your marketing goals.

1. Know who you are marketing to – Before marketing you need to know your buyers persona. You will have to consider the factors like age, location, income, job, hobbies, etc. to get your correct target audience.

2. Know your goals – Your goals should be in line with the business goals. For example: If the business goal is to increase online revenue, your goal should be to increase the leads which will help in increasing the revenue.

3. Know your digital marketing tools – In order to check if your strategy is effective, you need to measure your strategy with different metrics or tools available so that you can make the necessary changes in your strategy if required.

4. Create a content creation plan – Depending on your audience create an engaging content that will help you achieve your goal. Prepare a plan so that you can execute your strategy effectively.

5. Evaluate and Audit –  At this point you need to evaluate and audit your paid media as to know what is helping you to meet your current goals and what things do you need to eliminate from your strategy.

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