How to Fix Breadcrumbs issue in google webmaster?

Trainee Asked on October 11, 2019 in Google.
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Solved : To fix these Breadcrumb issues first open Structured Testing Tool and test your link which is facing issue, now if a issue and page is identified, now just follow the below steps:

Let us assume that your site is in WordPress,

If you are using Yoast SEO or any other plugin then just check whether you are using the latest updated plugin or the old one.

If you are using an old one then update it. Or if you are using the latest but still facing the issue then just wait for the update or contact plugin support or replace it with some other plugin.

And now just open your Breadcumbs in GSC and submit it to Google for validation by clicking it on a particular error (eg: Missing field “id”) and click on the Validate Fix button.

And if you are not using any plugin then you need to modify your theme files as follows (assuming you are using Microdata) :

Let say you are facing Missing field “position” issue in the post detail page then edit a single.php or content-single.php file of your theme or create a child theme and copy this file and edit it.

Search for below text in the file:

<li itemprop=”itemListElement” itemscope itemtype=””>

and add this line below it <meta itemprop=”position” content=”1″/>

Note: If you have more than 1 <li> element then you will have to add counter variable in place of content=”1″ to content=”.$counter++.”

Now let say you want to fix Either “name” or “” should be specified error then you will have to open the correct file same as above and now find something like:

<a href=”YOUR-URL” itemprop=”item” itemtype=””>YOUR TEXT</a>

and replace YOUR TEXT in <span> tag as below:

<a href=”YOUR-URL” itemprop=”item” itemtype=””> <span property=”name”>YOUR TEXT</span></a>

And now after fixing any error just open your Breadcumbs in GSC and submit it to Google for validation by clicking it on a particular error that you fixed (eg: Missing field “id”) and click on the Validate Fix button.

NOTE: For fixing Breadcrumb issues, the main thing is to identify and locate the correct file in your theme folder. You will generally have to edit header.php / single.php / content-single.php / page.php file.

Reviewer Answered on October 11, 2019.
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