How many types of modes are used in data transferring through networks?

Trainee Asked on November 2, 2019 in Networking.
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Data transferring modes in computer networks are of three types. They are listed below,

1) Simplex: Data transferring which takes place only in one direction is called Simplex. In Simplex mode, the data gets transferred either from sender to receiver or from receiver to sender.

Example: Radio signal, the print signal given from computer to printer, etc.

2) Half Duplex: Data transferring can happen in both directions but not at the same time. Alternatively, the data is sent and received.

Example: Browsing through the internet, a user sends the request to the server and later the server processes the request and sends back the web page.

3) Full Duplex: Data transferring happens in both directions that too simultaneously.

Example: Two-lane roads where traffic flows in both directions, communication through telephone, etc.

Reviewer Answered on November 2, 2019.
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