How many types of mobile marketing?

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Types of mobile marketing:

i. SMS Marketing – In this type of marketing you send messages on their phones to the potential customers to inform them about any offers, discount, or giving information about your company, etc.

ii. MMS Marketing – In this type of marketing you send a timed slideshow of images, text, audio, and video.

iii. Push Notification – This type of message is sent to gain attention from the potential buyer. It helps the brand to communicate the message in an effective way.

iv. In-game mobile marketing – Mobile games are played by one and all. This platform is used by marketers to advertise their product or service before the start of the game or at the end. It is one of the effective ways of advertising.

v. Location-Based advertising – In this type of marketing advertisements are put for specific region or location and not for the whole region.

vi. App Based Marketing – In this type of advertising, you can have direct engagement with your potential customers. You can also target the correct audience.

vii. Images – You can see a lot of pop up images, or at the header or footer of the website.

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