How does digital marketing favor marketers?

Trainee Asked on November 3, 2019 in Digital Marketing.
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Digital Marketing provides innovative approach to consumer. With technological advancements and Internet penetration, digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach the final consumers today. Following are certain things it offers:

i. Growth Prospects: Digital marketing provides marketing options for all businesses. A start up or a medium scale company can compete with well established businesses. Also it’s easy to connect with the mobile customers as all the customers have access to mobile phone.

ii. Less Cost: Digital marketing is very cost effective when it comes to comparison with traditional marketing. It offers you the scope to have in a larger audience with less cost.

iii. Higher Returns: With digital marketing there is a lot of potential to earn higher revenue as the cost invested is less and audience reach is much larger than in traditional marketing.

iv. Customer Support: Any consumer would have to be heard. Digital media offers the consumers that platform. You can receive feedback; get reviews of your product or service even have live chat facility to address the concerns of the customers.  It is easy to solve the grievances easily over the phone.

v. Trust on the brand: As your brand or service would be available on various platforms, it will have a strong brand image in front of the consumers.

Reviewer Answered on November 3, 2019.
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