How can track conversions in Google Adwords?

Trainee Asked on November 3, 2019 in Google Adwords.
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There are various ways in which you can track conversions in Google Adwords. They are:

i. You can check and access the search funnel inside tools and analysis. With the help of this tool you will know how many times a potential customer clicked on your ad before converting into a customer.

ii. You can enable Ad rotation setting – In this the ads that are more likely to be clicked by the customer are served by Google Adwords.

iii. View through window- this tool helps to know if a person sees the ad but does not click on it.

iv. There are few basic tracking codes provided by Adwords to track purchases. Also there are additional codes which are specific to your particular e- commerce platform.

Reviewer Answered on November 3, 2019.
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